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Investment in Cyprus 

You can move to Cyprus with a permanent residence permit for investors or under the Cyprus Investment Program (CIP). 

 The first option provides for the purchase of a new property in the amount of 300 thousand euros, and then 7 years after obtaining permanent residence, the investor can apply for citizenship. 

 The second option, the Cyprus investment program, provides for the purchase of real estate worth from €2.0 million, while citizenship can be obtained in a few months. Both methods allow for a single application to get the status not only for the applicant himself, but also for his next of kin – spouse, children, even adults, if they are dependent, as well as the applicant's parents, and for the permanent residence program – even the spouse's parents. For both programs, the benefits are lifelong and, unlike other national programs, can be inherited. 

The Cyprus investment immigration program is considered one of the most popular in the world. One of the main reasons for popularity is the procedure, which is much easier here than in other countries. In Cyprus, there are no requirements for language proficiency or education, no age restrictions, no need to renounce your current citizenship or permanent residence on the island. In addition, the application processing period is shorter than in other similar programs: only 2 months for the permanent residence program and 6 months for CIP. Investing in Cyprus is profitable! Investments that need to be made under the terms of the programs, with a skillful placement, can bring a high profit due to rent. 

The main base for short-term rentals is the tourist flow, which has constantly increased in recent years. Long-term rentals are favored by the growing number of international corporations opening offices on the island. Cyprus is in the top of preferences when searching for a location for the headquarters of international companies and their regional branches. The reasons are the geographical location and time zone convenient for contacts with Europe, Asia and North Africa, as well as low operating costs, a skilled workforce and a high quality of life. 

 Cyprus offers a very high standard of living, it is the safest country in the world with a population of less than 5 million people. At the same time, Cyprus has excellent education and health systems – the latter includes all medical procedures for residents of the island for a very moderate annual fee. And don't forget about the beautiful climate: 315 Sunny days a year, amazing landscapes and stunning sunsets.

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